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Asia Walking Festival


1st AWF (Jeju, Korea)

World Trails Conference
1st Asia Walking Festival

Asia Walking Festival is a global walking event of Asian trail organizations with hikers from all over the world. People walk together and enjoy nature and culture of the local community, various performances and local food during the festival. AWF is held every year in different trail and country, affiliating with other representing walking event in Asia

Event Title The 1st Asia Walking Festival
Date November 5(Wed)~6(Thu), 2014
Venue Jeju Welcome Center, Jeju Olle Trail Route 17 (Jeju, Korea)
Hosted by
Organized by
> Participants Asian trail organizations and hikers from all over the world
Registration Online Registration Only (Registration Fee KRW15,000/prs)
Inquiry ATN Secretariat/Jeju Olle Foundation T. +82 (0)64-762-2173 E.
Program [Day-1] November 5(Wed) Asia Trails Network General Meeting
[Day-2] November 6(Thu) ‘Walk Together’ joining to the 2014 Jeju Olle Walking Festival

Affiliated Event: 2014 Jeju Olle Walking Festival
The nature of Jeju stands out in the autumn and traveling on Jeju Olle Trail during this season makes people feel the beauty of the island just by walking on it. Walking on Jeju Olle Trail is an even happier experience when cultural and artistic stages are added.
The 5th Jeju Olle Walking Festival, which first started in 2010, will be held from Thursday, November 6th through to Saturday, November 8th on Jeju Olle Trail routes 17, 18 and 19 (one route per day). With the theme, ‘Let’s Be Together on the Trail!’ we would like to look back and share the good and tougher aspects of life through society and the people around you during the festival.

[Day-1] November 06 (Thu) Route 17 Cheju Tourism College Stadium~ Tap-dong Beach Park(19.2km, 6~7 hours)
[Day-2] November 07 (Fri) Route 18 Tap-dong Beach Park ~ Jocheon Manse Dongsan (18.2km, 6~7 hours)
[Day-3] November 08 (Sat) Route 19 Jocheon Manse Dongsan ~ Gimnyeong Seo-pogu (18.6km, 6~7 hours)

Video clip of past event::

2014 제주올레 걷기축제 포스터

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