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World Trails Conference



5th World Trails Conference

4th World Trails Conference

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1st World Trail Conference

World Trails Conference
World Trails Conference
The first World Trails Conference was held in Jeju in November 2010. The participants were specialists and representatives from the world’s trail industry. The World Trails Conference has established itself as the venue to share up-to-date information and experiences of the world’s trails; and for cooperation and networking for better development and management of trails and inspires people to begin their voyage.

World Trails Conference Logo

The World Trails Conference was organized and had its first gathering on Jeju Island, Korea. The conference was inspired based on the founding spirit of Jeju Olle Trails and by gathering the concerns of the world’s trail institutions. The blue image is a pony, Jeju’s symbolic animal, and also the symbol of Jeju Olle Trail. The saddle laid on the back of the pony carries the concept of the World Trails Conference. Although, a little snail moves very slowly and quietly, it keeps moving dynamically, creeping along its way. The slow snail pace of walking symbolizes the efforts of the World Trails Conference, where the world’s trails gather pursing sustainable growth.
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