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4th World Trails Conference

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4th World Trails Conference
Title 4th World Trails Conference

Dates January 15(Wed)~17(Fri), 2014
Venue ICC Jeju, Seogwipo-si, Jeju, Korea
Participants Global Trail Association / Organization, People concerned
in the academic world of trail and travel
Hosted by
Organized by
Supported by
Time\Date Jan.15 (Wed) Jan.16 (Thu) Jan.17 (Fri)
08:30 - 09:00 Registration/ Welcoming Reception - Field Trip
(Jeju Olle Trail Route 20)
09:00 - 09:30 Opening Ceremony Discussion for WTN
09:30 - 10:00
10:00 - 10:30 Opening General Session
-Keynote Speech/Panel Discussion-
10:30 - 11:00
11:00 - 11:30
11:30 - 12:00 Lunch Lunch
12:00 - 12:30
12:30 - 13:00 Trail PR Session
(Poster Session & PT)
Trail PR Session
(Poster Session & PT
13:00 - 13:30
13:30 - 14:00
14:00 - 14:30 Myth & Culture Expo
(Featured Lecture by Tabei Junko)
14:30 - 15:00
15:00 - 15:30
15:30 - 16:00 Concurrent Session #101~#103 Concurrent Session #201~#203
16:00 - 16:30
16:30 - 17:00
17:00 - 17:30 Closing Discussion & Banquet
17:30 - 18:00
18:00 - 18:30 - -
18:30~19:00 WTN Committee Meeting
Key Performances
- 50 trail institutions and organizations from 18 different countries attended.
- Asia Trails Network, a council of 12 major trail organizations from Korea, China and Japan officially launched.
- Discussed about the necessity of building regional hubs of the ‘World Trails Network,’ developing business plan and other benefits for WTN members, renewing website and publishing a newsletter, and establishing the general principles of ethics etc.
Program Details

The ‘Health Benefits of Trails’ was the main issue

- Opening General Session ? Panel Discussion We could learn and share knowledge about the ‘Health Benefits of Trails’ in this session. In-depth discussion was followed after keynote addresses by panels

- Trail PR Session There’s an open space where introducing each trails. It’s composed of both presentation session and poster session

- Concurrent Session 6 medium-small sized workshops were prepared for the past conference

- Discussion for WTN In-depth discussion to build a sustainable network and international cooperation

- Field Trip Hiking Jeju Olle Trail & Experience of Traditional Myth and Culture of Jeju Island

Opening General Session & Panel Discussion-
- Date : January 15, 2014
- Theme : Health Benefits of Trails

■ Keynote Address - Speaker : Jay Maddock, Ph.D., FAAHB,
                Professor & Director, Office of Public Health Studies, University of Hawaii at Manoa (USA)
- Presentation material: Korean English
- Handout material: Korean English Japanese

■ Panel Speech - 1 - Speaker : Julien Guerrero, Walking Educator for Teenagers in Difficulty of Association Seuil (France)
- Presentation material: English
- Handout material: Korean English Japanese

■ Panel Speech - 2 - Speaker : Jean Kerins, President of Caledon Hills Bruce Trail Club (Canada)
- Presentation material: English

Discussion for WTN
- Date : January 16, 2014
- Presenter’s : Galeo Saintz, Founder of Rim of Africa Trust (Republic of South Africa)
                    Laura Bellevile, Director of Conservation of Appalachian Trail Conservancy (USA)

- Presentation material : English

Concurrent Session

January 15 (Wed)

Session Number Session Title Handout Material
#101 Responsibility and Role of Trail Users Korean English Japanese
#102 Quality Trails and Eco-label Certification Korean English Japanese
#103 Developing and Administering Cross- Boundary Trails Korean English Japanese

January 16 (Thu)

Session Number Session Title Handout Material
#201 Partnership Management and Activities Korean English Japanese
#202 Trails and Tourism Marketing Korean English Japanese
#203 Health Benefits of Trails - A way to make our life healthy Korean English Japanese
[#101] - Session Title : Responsibility and Role of Trail Users
- Main Theme : Operation plan for walking trails in the perspective of trail users
- Speaker
Kim Young-rok, President of Korean Federation of Walking Clubs (Korea)

- Presentation material: Korean

- Case Speaker(s)
Pam Gluck, Executive Director of American Trails (USA)

- Presentation material: English

Rouche Philippe, International Development Advisor of FFR (France)
- Summary
It is clear that the role and contribution of trail users are crucial in creating and maintaining walking trails through cases in advanced countries, where trails have been well-maintained and cultivated for a long time. Then how does the Korean Federation of Walking Clubs think of this? An 80-question survey with 1200 members of the walking community has been implemented to find out. We also investigate through what kind of system trail-advanced countries are giving responsibilities and roles to the trail users.
[#102] - Session Title : Quality Trails and Eco-label Certification
- Main Theme : Quality certification of trails and eco-labels for trails can play an important role in ensuring sustainable development of trails, enhancing the quality of a trail experience and increasing visitor numbers. Two different approaches are presented: Green Flag Trails (Africa) and Leading Quality Trails (Europe).
- Speaker(s)
Galeo Saintz, Founder of Rim of Africa Trust (Republic of South Africa)

- Presentation material: English

Lis Nielsen, President of European Ramblers Association (Denmark)

- Presentation material: English

- Summary
What constitutes a "good" trail? How do we ensure hikers and walkers using our trails have a quality experience, that ensures they return again and again and recommend the trail to friends and colleagues? This session will be valuable to existing trail organization managers and new trail developers. We will cover topics relating to: Trails grading, terrain types, marketing, value of recognizable branding for eco-labels, examples from other eco-label initiatives.
[#103] - Session Title : Developing and Administering Cross- Boundary Trails
- Main Theme : Facilitating collaboration across political boundaries, management agreements
- Speaker(s)
Laura Belleville, Director of Conservation of Appalachian Trail Conservancy (USA)

- Presentation material: English

Huseyin Eryurt, Manager of Culture Routes Society Turkey (Turkey)

- Presentation material: English

- Case Speaker
Carmen Pita, Managing Director of the Society of Image and Tourist Promotion of Tourism of Galicia
- Summary
This session will offer information about developing trails that extend across political boundaries, both within the same country and across several countries. The structure and formal agreements to foster effective trail design and developments and long-term management will be reviewed.
[#201] - Session Title : Partnership Management and Activities based on Trail Academy
- Main Theme : Share the management way and activities of partnership which is based on the trail academy. Try to find a sustainable and meaningful better management way of the partnership.
- Speaker(s)
Park Sun-kyung, Academy Manager of Jeju Olle Foundation (Korea)

- Presentation material: Korean

Ma Gi-Seong, Trail Commentator of Daegu Olle (Korea)

- Presentation material: Korean

- Case Speaker
Jean Kerins, President of Caledon Hills Bruce Trail Club (Canada)

- Presentation material: English

- Summary
This article aims to examine the trail academy as the medium of linking nature and man, and nature, culture and community, present why an academy is needed, suggest what role an academy should perform, and discuss what kind of education should be offered. In the meantime, there’re many partners who are involved in the trail management apart from full time employees. According to the role of partners increases, building a sustainable relationship with the partners is getting more important. During this session, we also look for finding and reviewing the meaning of role and activities of partners. The academy organizers can use this session to find a better way to build a sustainable relationship with those partners.
[#202] - Session Title : Trails and Tourism Marketing
- Main Theme : Hiking and Trails as part of Tourist Offices' and providers' Marketing and PR
- Speaker(s)
Roland Baumgartner, Hiking Expert & Geographer & Head of Content Management of Switzerland Tourism till 2013 (Switzerland)
Jean Kim, Representative for Korea of Switzerland Tourism (Korea)

- Presentation material: English

- Summary
There are various organizations making efforts to differentiate their regions/cities as attractive spots for travel. Definitely hiking can be a great choice for tourism marketing/PR strategies. This session will be providing details about reasons hiking attracts people and ways related organizations, hotels and providers support to and benefit from. Marketing/PR tactics used for promotion with cases from Switzerland and Switzerland Tourism's summer campaign
[#203] - Session Title : Health Benefits of Trails - A way to make our life healthy, based on the case of Seuil
- Main Theme : Physical and mental health recovery and social effect through walking
- Speaker(s)
Julien Guerrero, Walking educator for teenagers in difficulty of Association Seuil (France)
Jay Maddock, Ph.D., FAAHB, Professor & Director of Office of Public Health Studies, University of Hawaii at Manoa (USA)
- Summary
The walking program of Seuil is a correctional program releasing inmates of juvenile reformatory if they walk 2,000km for three months in foreign countries where cannot communicate because of language barrier. In this session, we look into the physical and mental health recovery and the social effects of walking based on the case of Seuil association’s walking program and discuss how we can make our life healthy.
25 Participated Trail Associations / Organization from 17 Countries (Global)
Country Trail Organization Name / Trail Name
Greece Paths of Greece / Kythera Hiking
Rep. South Africa Rim of Africa Trust / Rim of Africa
Nepal Samarth ? Nepal Market Development Programme / The Great Himalaya Trail
Norway Vega World Heritage Foundation / The Vega World Heritage Story
Denmark European Ramblers' Association / European long distance trails E1 - 12
Lebanon Lebanon Mountain Trail Association / Lebanon Mountain Trail
U.S.A. American Trails
U.S.A. Appalachian Trail Conservancy / Appalachian Trail
Swiss Switzerland Tourism / Swiss Hiking Routes
Spain Tourism of Galicia / St. James Way (Camino de Santiago)
UK Natural England / Pennine Way National Trail
Italy Cinque Terre National Park / Cinque Terre Trails
Japan Walking Shikoku Association / Shikoku O-Henro
Japan Kyushu Tourism Promotion Organization / Kyushu Olle
Japan Tottori Walking Resort Promotion Council / Tottori Walking Resort
Japan Tanabe City Kumano Tourism Bureau / Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage Route
China China Volkssport Association / Huizhou Green Trail
China Mountain Journey China / Daqingshan National Trail System
China CASS Tourism Research Center
Canada The Bruce Trail Conservancy / The Bruce Trail
Turkey Culture Routes Society Turkey / Turkish Culture Routes (The Lycian Way)
France French Rambling Association / French Trail (GR / GRP / PR)
Australia Bibbulmun Track, Munda Biddi Trail / Bibbulmun Track, Munda Biddi Trail
Australia Inspiration Outdoors
Australia Tasmanian Parks & Wildlife Service / Overland Track
25 Participated Trail Associations / Organization (Korea)
Country Trail Organization Name / Trail Name
Korea Gangneung Baugil Trail Foundation / Gangneung Baugil
Korea Happy Walking in Busan / Busan Galmaetgil
Korea Gubulgil Association / Gubulgil
Korea Naepo Trail / Naepo Trail
Korea The Pathway Foundation / Jirisan Trail
Korea Yeongju Culture Research Institute / Sobaeksan Jarakgil
Korea Walking Our Land Corp. / The road in Jeonju, the capital of an ancient country
Korea Jeju Olle Foundation / Jeju Olle Trail
Korea Korea Trails and Culture Foundation / Haeparang Trail
Korea Gangjin Gun / Jung Yak-yong Namdo Exile Trail
Korea Gyungbuk Bukbu Institute / Beosun Trail
Korea Gunsan City / Gubulgil
Korea Namhae Baraegil Saramdeul / Baraeroad
Korea Green Consumer’s Network / Daegu Olle
Korea NPO Gubeegil / Gubeegil
Korea Yeogang River Trail / Yeogang River Trail
Korea Yang Pyeong Gun / Mulsori Trail
Korea Wando Cheongsando Slowcity Committee / Cheongsando Slow Roads
Korea Ulsan Metropolitan City / Ulsan Eoulgil
Korea Local Agenda 21 for Incheon / Incheon Dullegil
Korea Jinan Gowongil / Jinan Gowongil
Korea Tongyeong Trekking
Korea Korea Trail Association
Korea Korea Federation of Walking Club
Korea Korea Innovation & Decentralization Academy
Press Release
- January 15, 2014 '4th World Trails Conference to Launch’

Korean English Japanese

- January 19, 2014 'The 4th World Trails Conference Closes’

Korean English Japanese

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