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Privacy Policy
The Jeju Olle Foundation (hereafter "the Jeju Olle") operates and manages the World Trails Network Website (hereafter "the Site"). The Jeju Olle is committed to protecting the privacy and the personal information of the Site users and has established the Personal Information Protection Policy (hereafter "the Policy"). The Policy states the purpose of collecting personal information and safeguarding the information in terms of regulatory and system-related aspects.
The Policy is created to safeguard the users¡¯ secrecy of privacy and freedom, and secrecy of communication, and to prevent damages to human rights caused by illegal tapping, monitoring or physical access or information leakage. All information provided by the members/users of the Site must be strictly controlled upon the Use and Protection of Credit Information Act, Article No. 23. The Policy is subject to change, upon any changes made in the laws and government policies, or the policy of Jeju Olle, for the operation and management of the Site. Accordingly, all members are requested to be fully aware of such changes as they occur, by checking the Policy via the Site, frequently.
Purpose and Use of Personal Information Collection
The Jeju Olle collects the least possible and the most essential member information necessary to provide a smooth flow of information and services to the users via the website, Jeju Olle ensures that all information provided by the members will be used for the purpose stated in the Policy and will not be used for any other purposes. In such cases as there are any changes in the scope of collecting information, and purpose and use of collection, Jeju Olle will be bound to obtain prior consent from the members before executing the changes.
Purpose, Retention, and Period for Use of the Collected Personal Information
To use the member services provided by the Jeju Olle, a prospective member is required to apply for membership by providing the information that contains: name, telephone number, desired member ID and password, e-mail address, and the applicant’s intention whether to accept e-mail communications sent by the Jeju Olle and its websites. In addition, the web manager of the Site collects additional information when changing and upgrading the class of membership. While the membership is maintained and the service of the Site is provided to the member, the appropriate member information is retained and used by the Jeju Olle to provide information and services to the members. If a member requests termination of the membership or the membership is restrained or suspended due to the loss of membership qualification as stated in the Policy, the appropriate member information stored in the system of the Jeju Olle and its websites will be permanently deleted from the system. A special technology is used to destroy the information that can never be recovered, or browsed and used for any kind of purposes.
Provision and Sharing Personal Information
It is the principle of the Policy that the Jeju Olle does not disclose the members’ personal information to a third party company or institution that has nothing to do with provision of the information or services for the members of the Site. Nevertheless, the personal information of a member may be disclosed or released if it is agreed by the member; or if the Jeju Olle concludes that it is necessary to disclose or release under such circumstances, as when a member is in violation of the terms of use set by the Jeju Olle; or a member has engaged in an illicit and unlawful activity inflicting damages to other people, or causing harmful effect to the established social morals and customs, by using the information and service provided by the Jeju Olle. Occasionally, the personal information collected by the Jeju Olle is shared for the purpose of statistical survey, academic and market survey, and sending an e-mail to provide information or public notice to the users. In such cases, the data provided from the personal information is shared in a manner, that the identity of a particular member to which the data belong, is illegible and unidentifiable.
Operation of the Cookies
A cookie is a small volume of data sent to the computer web browser, e.g., Netscape, Internet Explorer, by the website to verify the identity of the member while the member is logged on the site. The cookie identifies the user’s computer but does not identify an individual member. Members have options for the cookies: By clicking the internet option tab of the tool box displayed on the top of the web browser, a user can select an option to accept all cookies; or to send a notice to the user, or to reject all cookies. If a user chooses the option to reject all cookies, the user cannot access the service provided by a server that requires a member registration.
Access to, Correction and Withdrawal of Personal Information
A member can request an access to, correction, and deletion of the personal information provided by the member at any time. Members can access to and correct their own personal information by selecting the menu, “Change Information,” on the web site. Members can withdraw the personal information by withdrawing the membership to the Site through the “Membership Withdrawal” menu on the “Change Information” page. Members are encouraged to contact the Jeju Olle Call Center (+82-64-739-0815) or the web manager’s e-mail, for any complaints or opinions with respect to the personal information. The Jeju Olle will take immediate action to correct or resolve the concerned matters, and respond with the result via e-mail, to the member who submitted the complaints or opinions.
Management of Member ID and Password
It is the Policy of Jeju Olle that the member ID and password are solely dedicated to the member who owns the ID and password. The Jeju Olle is not responsible for any problems caused by the use of the member’s ID and password by other than the member, regardless of the methods of obtaining access to the ID and password, through theft or any other methods. It is the member’s obligation not to release the member ID and password to any third party users in any cases. Members are also requested to pay special attention to protect the personal information from an attempt to hack or steal, while the member is logged on the Site.
The Jeju Olle has appointed a designated officer in charge, in accordance with the Directives of the Ministry of Information and Communication.
- Contact Tel: +82-64-739-0815
Designated Officer: Ahn Eun-Joo (
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