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Terms and Conditions
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Terms and Conditions
Chapter 1: General Provisions
Article 1 [Objective]
The objective of these terms and conditions is to define the conditions and procedures for use of the internet service (“Service) provided by the World Trails Network website (“the Site"), managed by Jeju Olle Foundation (“Jeju Olle”) and other necessary conditions regarding this Site.
Article 2 [Definition]
(1) The Site refers to a virtual Internet space managed by Jeju Olle to supply information, goods and service to its users, using its information technology equipment including computers.
(2) The Site can be divided into several sites having different internet domain addresses. When the user is registered to one of the sites, he or she can use the rest of them without registering again.
(3) "The User” refers to a person who logs on to “the Site” to use the service provided by Jeju Olle. The User could be either a full or a regular member and his or her service can differ according to his or her title as a member.
Article 3 [Validity of the Terms and Conditions and their Revision]
The terms and conditions take effect when they are publicly announced to the User.
(1) Jeju Olle may revise these terms and conditions, and if that is the case, it should publicly announce it on the home page of its website, along with the current conditions, between seven days to one day before the date when the revision takes effect, indicating the application date and the reason for revision.
Article 4 [Regulations not Included in the Terms and Conditions]
What is not defined by these terms and conditions will be subject to related laws such as the Basic Law on Electricity and Telecommunications, Law on Electricity and Telecommunications Business and the Basic Law on Electronic Transactions.
(1) Jeju Olle does not use its users’ private information for purposes other than those related to the use of its service and it does not provide it to third parties, other organizations or institutions. However, Jeju Olle has the right to share such information with its partners to improve its service. In such a case, Jeju Olle informs the User via email or letter of who is the “partners,” why such information is needed by them and until when the information will be protected and managed and how, in order to ask for his or her consent. If the User does not agree with such sharing, Jeju Olle neither collects any additional information nor shares it with its partners.
(2) However, If there is a special regulation regarding laws designed to promote the use of information and communications and if it is necessary to calculate service rates, or to conduct statistical, academic and market research, private information may be used but the User’s name is not provided.
Chapter 2: Membership and Use of the Service
Article 5 [Validity of a Contract of Use]
(1) A contract of use becomes valid when the User agrees with these terms and conditions and Jeju Olle accepts his or her use of its service.
(2) Jeju Olle may verify the User’s information before allowing him or her to use its service.
(3) The User can agree with these terms and conditions by clinking on “Accept” button when he or she applies for the use of service.
Article 6 [Application for the Use of Service]
(1) The User who wants to use this service by becoming a member can do so by providing necessary information including his or her name and telephone number. Jeju Olle may ask its User to provide additional information to serve its purposes such as improvement of its service, with the User's prior consent.
(2) Jeju Olle has the right to refuse to accept membership in the following cases:
a. when a person uses a third party’s information to become a member,
b. when a person intends to use the service for improper purposes,
c. when a person intends to use the service to make profits,
d. when a person provides false information,
e. when a person intends to damage the stability, order and custom in society,
f. when a person does not meet other conditions defined by Jeju Olle.
Article 7 [Use of Service]
(1) In principle, Jeju Olle provides its service 24 hours a day, seven days a week and all through the year unless there are technical problems or those that are related to Jeju Olle’s work.
(2) Jeju Olle may suspend the supply of its service temporarily when equipment (including its service system) needs to be checked or changed, when its system does not work, when communications are interrupted or when other uncontrollable incidents happen.
(3) Jeju Olle does not pay for the damages caused to the User or a third party due to the factors mentioned in (2).
(4) Jeju Olle may provide the User with diverse information that is considered necessary for the use of service, via email or letter.
Chapter 3: Responsibilities and Duties
Article 8 [Protection and Use of Private Information]
(1) Jeju Olle requires from the User only a minimum amount of private information that is necessary for membership.
(2) When Jeju Olle collects or provides the User’s private information, it asks the User for consent.
(3) The User may view and modify his or her private information and he or she may delete it by withdrawing from membership.
Article 9 [Responsibilities of Jeju Olle]
(1) Jeju Olle has the responsibility to provide its service in a continuous and stable manner, as defined in these terms and conditions.
(2) Jeju Olle must do its best to protect the User’s information by taking technical measures to ensure the security of private data including credit card information and by sparing no efforts to manage it at the optimum level.
(3) Jeju Olle must not disclose or distribute the User’s private information to a third party without the User’s prior consent, except when related government institutions ask Jeju Olle to provide such information according to related laws such as the Law on Electricity and Telecommunications.
(4) Jeju Olle must solve the problems related to the User’s opinions or complaints immediately when they are considered valid. However, if it is difficult to treat them at once, Jeju Olle must explain to the User why it is difficult and how long it will take to treat them.
Article 10 [Responsibilities of the User]
(1) The User must provide his or her own information based on truth when he or she applies for membership or when he or she modifies his or her information afterward. If he or she uses false information or that of a third party, he or she is deprived of every right that was held before.
(2) The User must respect Jeju Olle’s regulations (terms and conditions, other related regulations, notifications, etc.) and relevant laws. The User must not interfere with Jeju Olle’s work or damage its reputation.
(3) The User must bear all the consequences of failing to protect his or her ID and password and of using them in an improper manner, except the case in which Jeju Olle bears such a responsibility based on the “Policy on Protection of Private Information” and related laws.
(4) The User is not allowed to transfer his or her right as a member to a third party without Jeju Olle’s prior consent.
(5) The User must not infringe on the intellectual property rights of Jeju Olle and third parties.
(6) The User is prohibited from engaging in the following activities and if he or she does any one of them, Jeju Olle may impose sanctions such as limiting his or her use of service and taking legal action:
a. providing false information when the User applies for membership or modifies his or her information afterward;
b. using other users’ ID, password and information;
c. selling the User’s ID to a third party;
d. posing as one of the managers, staff members or related persons of Jeju Olle;
e. modifying Jeju Olle’s client program without receiving any special right from Jeju Olle, hacking Jeju Olle’s Site or modifying all or part of the Site or the information posted on it;
f. copying the information obtained from the service for purposes other than the use of service, using it for publication and broadcasting or providing it to a third party, without Jeju Olle’s prior consent;
g. distributing to a third party obscene information, sentences, figures, sound and video that would damage the public order and custom by sending, posting, emailing them or in any other ways;
h. distributing to a third party private or insulting information that could infringe on his or her reputation or privacy by sending, posting, emailing it or in any other ways.
Chapter 4: Withdrawal from and Limit of the Use of Service
Article 11 [Withdrawal from and Limit of the Use of Service]
(1) When the User wants to withdraw from the use of service, he or she may select “Withdrawal” from the menu of the website to do so.
(2) Jeju Olle may force the User to withdraw from or suspend his or her use of service for a certain period of time without any prior notice if the User engages in the following activities:
a. providing false information when the User applies for membership,
b. being involved in criminal activities,
c. planning to use or actually use the service in order to damage public interest in society,
d. using another person’s ID and password or having two IDs,
e. infringing on third parties’ reputation or interests,
f. interfering with the sound use of service by, for example, damaging the service,
g. violating the conditions defined by Jeju Olle or related laws.
Article 12 [Procedure for Cancellation of the Limit of Use]
(1) If Jeju Olle would like to limit the User's use of service based on the regulations defined in Article 11, it informs him/her or his/her substitute of this via letter or telephone, indicating the reason, date and period, except when it is necessary for Jeju Olle to suspend the use urgently.
(2) The User or his/her substitute who has been informed that his/her use of service had been suspended may raise an objection.
(3) Jeju Olle may delay the limit of use until it deals with the objection raised by the User according to (2) and inform the User or his/her substitute of whether his/her objection was accepted or not.
(4) Jeju Olle immediately cancels the limit of use as soon as it finds out that the reason for the limit has been dealt with during the period of the limit.
Chapter 5: Posted Information
Article 13 [Information Posted by the User]
(1) Jeju Olle may delete the information posted by the User without any prior notice in the following cases:
a. infringing on, abusing and threatening a third party’s legal rights such as privacy and the publication right or violating them in any other ways;
b. publishing, sending, posting, distributing or spreading improper, insulting, defamatory, obscene or illegal titles, names, data or information;
c. uploading files that include software or other data protected by the Intellectual Property Law except in cases in which the User has or manages such right or in which there has been prior consent;
d. uploading information that includes viruses, contaminated files or other harmful software or programs that could damage a third party’s computer;
e. advertising or selling goods and services for commercial purposes;
f. conducting data research, contests, making a pyramid system or sending chain letters;
g. Downloading files posted by other users that the User knows or is rationally expected to know that they cannot be distributed legally;
h. counterfeiting or removing the name of the author, legal or necessary directions, brand name, source of uploaded files;
i. limiting others’ use of the service or prohibiting them from using and enjoying it;
j. posting obscene information going against the public order and custom, promoting or criticizing certain religions and posting unscrupulous information on extreme regionalism.
Article 14 [Copyright of the Posted Information]
(1) The User who posts certain information holds the rights and responsibility regarding it.
(2) The User who posts certain information bears the entire responsibility if it infringes on a third party’s intellectual property rights.
(3) Copyright of the Information posted by Jeju Olle
a. In principle, Jeju Olle holds the copyright and other intellectual property rights of all the information provided by it. If a person other than the researchers belonging to Jeju Olle posts information on Jeju Olle, both Jeju Olle and the person who posts it share the common copyright and other intellectual property rights.
b. The User is not allowed to use the information obtained from the Site (including the email service) to make profits by copying, sending, publishing, redistributing and broadcasting it and in any other ways without Jeju Olle’s prior consent. However, the User may use it if privately.
c. Jeju Olle is not responsible for the privacy protection policies and content of the websites provided by Jeju Olle through links.
d. Jeju Olle may delete, move or refuse to post the information provided by the User on the Site without prior consent if the User engages in one of the activities specified in Article 13.
Article 15 [Responsibility of Jeju Olle regarding Posted Information]
(1) Jeju Olle is not required to censor the posted information. It may disclose it following the laws, regulations, legal procedures or the government’s requests or it may edit all or part of the data and information at its discretion or it may refuse to send it.
(2) The User must always be careful when he or she posts the information on himself or herself or his or her children because such information may be read by third parties and they might know who the User is, considering the fact that the message board is shared by everyone.
(3) Jeju Olle may delete some of the information posted by the User without prior notice or it may not allow the User to have access to the entire message board.
(4) Jeju Olle makes clear that it does not bear any responsibility for the posted information or for any incidents arising from the User’s participation in the message board.
Chapter 6: Compensation for Damages and Other Regulations
Chapter 16 [Compensation for Damages]
Regarding the use of the service provided for free, Jeju Olle does not bear any responsibility for the damage issues that do not belong to the “Policy on Protection of Private Information.”
Chapter 17 [Exemption from Responsibility]
(1) Jeju Olle is exempt from its responsibility regarding its service when it cannot provide it due to natural disasters, wars and other uncontrollable situations.
(2) Jeju Olle is exempt from taking responsibility for damages caused by unavoidable situations such as communications service providers' errors and the repair, change, regular checkup and construction of service equipment.
(3) Jeju Olle does not bear any responsibility for the errors or damages caused by the User.
(4) Jeju Olle does not bear any responsibility if damages are caused by the User’s computer errors or by the User’s typing errors when providing his or her private information and email address.
(5) Jeju Olle does not bear any responsibility if the User fails to make profits that he or she expects to obtain or if he or she makes losses, by using the service.
(6) Jeju Olle does not bear any responsibility for the damages caused by the data that the User obtains using the service. Furthermore, Jeju Olle does not have any responsibility to compensate for the psychological damages caused to the User by other users while using the service.
(7) Jeju Olle does not bear any responsibility regarding the reliability and accuracy of the information and materials posted by its users.
(8) Jeju Olle does not have any responsibility to be involved in conflicts related to its service arising between its users or between the User and a third party and Jeju Olle does not have any responsibility to compensate for the damages caused by such conflicts.
Chapter 7: Other Regulations
Article 18 [Treatment of Complaints]
Jeju Olle receives and treats its users’ complaints and opinions regarding the management of private information or the use of service, via its Site, email, telephone and letter.
Article 19 [Conflict Resolution and the Competent Court]
(1) In the case of conflicts related to private information, Jeju Olle and the User may ask the Private Information Conflict Resolution Committee to handle them, in order to deal with them fast and efficiently.
(2) When a lawsuit related to the use of service (ex. service rate) is filed, the court to which Jeju Olle’s district belongs or the court defined by the Civil Procedure Code of the Republic of Korea will be the competent court.
(3) Interpretation, application of these terms and conditions and the resolution of related conflicts shall be subject to the laws of the Republic of Korea.
Supplementary Provision
[Application Date] These terms and conditions become valid on March 30, 2011.
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