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ATN Passport

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ATN Passport
ATN Passport
ATN Passport is a travel certificate for the hikers who visit the trail routes in Asia countries. You can use this ATN Passport on the ATN(Asia Trails Network) membership trail routes. Don’t forget to get at least one stamp at the designated place on each trail. You can get a small gift when you visit each ATN membership trail having this passport and the completion certificate will be given after you visit every trail.

ATN Passport Usage & Benefits

atn 멤버쉽

- It’s up to you how many stamps you take on the trail during hiking. But you need at least one stamp from each trail to get the completion certificate.
- Check out the type and location information of the stamps on the below table.
- You can find benefits for ATN Passport holder on the below table.
NO Country Trail Name Stamp/Benefit Information GO TO website
1 China National Trails System (NTS) 파일다운로드
2 Korea Daegu Olle 파일다운로드
3 Korea Busan Galmaetgil 파일다운로드
4 Korea Baugil 파일다운로드
5 Korea Gubulgil 파일다운로드
6 Korea Haeparang Trail 파일다운로드
7 Korea Jeju Olle Trail 파일다운로드
8 Korea Jirisan Trail 파일다운로드
9 Japan Kyushu Olle 파일다운로드
10 Korea Naepo Trail 파일다운로드
11 Japan Walking Resort 파일다운로드
12 Korea Yeogang River Trail 파일다운로드

※ If you want to download all the information of every trails, click HERE download

Question & Query
Asia Trails Network Secretariat
[China] Mountain Journey China T. +86 (0)10-6836-8450 E.
[Japan] Tottori Walking Resort Promotion Council T. +81 (0)858-24-5725 E.
[Korea] Jeju Olle Foundation T. +82 (0)64-762-2190 E.

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